Scientific Programme  
 September 3rd,  2015
   Pre-congress meetings  Pre-congress meetings  Pre-congress meetings

Diagnosis and treatment of bladder dysfunction in children (1)

ESPN – ICCS course

Chairs: A. Bael & S. Rittig

Pathogenesis of nocturnal enuresis 
S. Rittig (Aarhus, Denmark)

Nephrological aspects
K. Kamperis (Aarhus, Denmark)

Bladder dysfunction & Lower urinary tract symptoms  
M. Maternik (Gdansk, Poland)

A bottom-up approach for paediatric drug development

Chairs: J. Vande Walle & K. Allegaert

Renal hyperfiltration of drugs in critically ill children
P. De Cock (Ghent, Belgium)

Antihypertensive drugs: what do we know and what do we lack? E. Snauwaert (Ghent, Belgium)

Drugs and the kidney in the neonatal period
K. Allegaert (Leuven, Belgium)

Safepedrug consortium: alternative view P. De Bruyne (Ghent, Belgium & Toronto, Canada)

Working Group members Meeting
Inherited Kidney Disorders

Chair: M. Konrad


Diagnosis and treatment of bladder dysfunction in children (2)

Chairs: K. Van Hoeck & L. Kovacevic

Neuropsychological aspects including sleep problems
A.Raes (Ghent, Belgium)

Screening and initial treatment (ICCS-treatment) 
T.Neveus (Uppsala, Sweden)

Urotherapy : facts and myths
L.Kovacevic (Northville, USA)

Therapy-resistant enuresis  
J.Vande Walle (Ghent, Belgium)

Nutrition in children with chronic kidney disease

Chairs: J. Bacchetta & L. Podracka

Dietary requirements in children with CKD         
B. Warady (Kansas City, USA)

The impact of nutrition on the uremic syndrome
R. Vanholder (Ghent, Belgium)

Nutritional state in children with CKD: obesity or malnutrition?
A.De Guchtenaere (Ghent, Belgium)

Feeding in CKD: from theory to practice
K.Van der Vaerent & A.Desloovere
(Leuven, Belgium & Ghent, Belgium)

Phosphate educational program in CKD
T. Ahlenstiel (Hannover, Germany)

Working Group members Meeting 
Idiopathic Nephrotic syndrome working group 

Chair: G. Deschenes

13:00 - 14:00 LUNCH & REGISTRATION 
13:00 - 14:00   Working Group members Meeting

Chair: B.Toenshoff

Industry sponsored symposium 1

14:00 - 16:00

Working Group members Meeting 
Immune-mediated renal disorders

Chair: A. Amore

Joint symposium of ERA-EDTA & ESPN Working Groups on Inherited Kidney disorders

Novel perspective in Autosomal Dominant
Polycystic Disease (ADPKD)

Chairs: B. Bammens & M. Liebau

Novel strategies for efficient diagnosis of  ADPKD
C. Bergmann (Ingelheim, Germany)

New insights into physiopathology  of ADPKD
D. Mekahli (Leuven, Belgium)

ADPKids study and paediatric aspects of ADPKD
F. Emma (Rome, Italy)

New treatments of ADPKD
Y. Pirson (Brussels, Belgium)

Industry sponsored symposium 2

Industry sponsored symposium 3

16:15 - 18:00

Working Group members Meeting  CAKUT/UTI/bladder dysfunction

Chair: S. Weber

ESPN & ERA-EDTA Registry symposium 

Chairs: F. Schaefer & J. Groothoff

Gender differences on the transplant waiting list 
J. Hogan (La Plaine Saint-Denis, France)

Longitudinal growth after transplantation
M. Bonthuis (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Ethnic disparities in RRT outcomes 
L. Tjaden (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Patient survival on RRT in Europe
N. Chesnaye (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Working Group members Meeting 
CKD-MBD working group (17:00-18:00)

Chair: D. Haffner

18:00 - 18:15 BREAK
18:15 - 19:45

Opening Ceremony   

Welcome addresses

J. Vande Walle (Congress President), R. Coppo (ESPN Secretary General)
(Ghent,Belgium-Turin, Italy)

Opening lecture
Acute kidney injury: an increasing global concern
N. Lameire (Ghent,Belgium)

Cultural event
Queen Elisabeth Music Chapel soloists:
Leonardo Hilsdorf, piano
Vladyslava Luchenko, violin
Christia Hudziy, piano

September 4th, 2015
7:30 - 8:20

Master class 1 

Chairs: V. Tasic & B. Hoppe

Management dilemmas in paediatric nephrology

Infant with congenital nephrotic syndrome
H.Jalanco (Helsinki, Finland)

Infant with primary oxalosis
Y. Frishberg
(Jerusalem, Israel)

Master class 2  

Chairs: A. Tsygin & V.Koch

Management dilemmas in paediatric nephrology

Teenager with steroid resistant nephrotic syndrome
L. Prikhodina
(Moscow, Russia)

Teenager with lupus
S. Marks
(London, United Kingdom)

Master class 3

Chairs: B. Ranchin & T. Seeman

Management dilemmas in paediatric nephrology

When conventional hemodialysis is insufficient 
M. Fischbach (Strasbourg, France)

Peritoneal dialysis in an infant below 1 year 
A. Zurowska (Gdansk, Poland)

8:30 - 9:15 GOLD HALL
State of the art lecture 1 
Chair: C. Holmberg
Genetics in paediatric nephrology: from bench to bedside
N. Knoers (Utrecht, The Netherlands)
09:30 - 11:15

Symposium 1:  CAKUT working group 

Chairs: S. Weber & F. Yalcinkaya

Genetic basis of ureter and bladder anomalies 
C. Bates (Pittsburgh, USA)

Genetic basis of VACTER anomalies
H. Reutter (Bonn, Germany)

HNF1 beta in abnormal kidney development
S. Decramer (Toulouse, France)

Role of epigenetics in development of CAKUT 
M. Schreuder (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

1  relevant abstract
490 (S. Manson)

Symposium 2: Dialysis working group 

Chairs: A. Edefonti& D. Muller

Biomarkers of acute kidney injury in children
P. Devarajan (Cincinnati, USA)

Convective versus diffusive extracorporeal modalities in paediatric dialysis
C. Schmitt (Heidelberg, Germany)

Protection of morphology and function of peritoneal membrane
C. Aufricht  (Vienna, Austria)

Tandem hemodialysis and plasma exchange
B. Schaefer (Heidelberg, Germany)

1  relevant abstract 

802 (J. Stojanovic)

Oral communication 1: HUS, hypertension 
9 abstracts 

Chairs: C. Licht & E.Berard

334 (K. L. Wijnsma) 
321 (L. Percheron)  
463 (F. Schaefer) 
134 (E. Volokhina) 
434 (D. G. Noone) 
555 (E. Wühl) 
601 (J. Hoenecke) 
246 (A. Trautmann) 
122 (E. Snauwaert) 
11:15-11:35 COFFEE BREAK
11:35 - 13:15

Symposium 3: 2nd ERA-EDTA & ESPN  Joint Symposium  

Long term outcome of renal diseases in children

Chairs: R.Coppo & E. Levtchenko

Long term outcome of children with IgA nephropathy
R. Coppo (Turin, Italy)

Long term outcome of cystinosis 
P. Niaudet  (Paris, France)

Long term cardiovascular complications in children with CKD
F.  Mallamaci (Reggio Calabria, Italy)

Long-term follow-up after transplantation of children and adult patients with CAKUT
D. Abramowicz (Antwerp, Belgium)

Oral communication 2: Acute kidney injury, Dialysis 

8 abstracts

Chairs: S. Picca & M. McCulloch

810 (J. Harambat) 
47 (Y. Li) 
348 (B. Schaefer) 
341 (A. Zaloszyc) 
639 (D. Borzych-Duzalaka) 
126 (E. Vidal)
775 (A. Duzova)  
593 (S. Udupa) 

Oral communication 3: CAKUT, ciliopathies 

9 abstracts

Chairs: R. Salomon & R.Giles

577 (L. Andrés-Jensen) 
430 (D. G. Noone) 
692 (F. Yalcinkaya) 
412 (R. Vieux) 
297 (A. M. Van Eerde) 
531 (N. Bachmann) 
543 (C. Bergmann) 
86 (K. Van Hoeve) 
387 (J. Bissler) 
13:15 - 14:30 LUNCH
13:15 - 14:15  Industry Sponsored Symposium 4 Working Group members Meeting
CKD-MBD working group (13:30-14:30)
Chair: D. Haffner
Industry Sponsored Symposium 5 
14:30 – 16:00 Guided poster session
Poster Presentation and Chair List
15:45- 16:00 COFEE BREAK
16:00 - 18:05

Symposium 4:  Current strategies in paediatric UTI 

Chairs: K. Tullus & T. Mattoo

Clinical and laboratory indices of severe renal lesions in children with febrile urinary tract infection
C. Stefanidis (Athens, Greece)

Febrile UTI in 0-3-month-old infants
K. Ismaili (Brussels, Belgium)

Imaging in paediatric UTI 
G. Montini (Milano, Italy)

Prophylaxis or not?
P. Brandstrom (Gotenburg, Sweden)

3  relevant abstracts

336 (H. Phuoc Duong) 
541 (J. Vande Walle) 
806 (R. P. R. Pereira) 

Symposium 5: Immune Mediated Disorders working group

Chairs: A. Amore & P. Hoyer

ESPN/ERA-EDTA survey on indications and modalities of renal biopsy in children
A. Amore (Turin, Italy)

Complement involvement in primary glomerular diseases
J.C. Davin (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Lupus nephritis 
R. Topaloglu (Ankara, Turkey)

New drugs entering in the portfolio for the treatments of immune mediated glomerular diseases
R. Coppo (Turin, Italy)

3  relevant abstracts

96 (L. Peruzzi)
254 (L. Rong) 
477 (R. Kirkwood)

Symposium 6: Nephrotools for paediatric nephrologists (What paediatric nephrologists should know about renal regeneration )

Chairs: R. Masereeuw & P. Goodyer

P. Murray (Liverpool, United Kingdom)

Kidney stem cells in renal development and regeneration 
B. Dekel (Sheba, Israel)

The emergence of the glomerular parietal epithelial cells  
B. Smeets (Nijmegen, The Netherlands)

Therapeutic potential of stem cells in kidney disease  
B. Bussolati (Turin, Italy)

4 relevant abstracts 

478 (S. Manson) 
682 (F. O. Arcolino) 
773 (I. Santeramo) 
623 (C. Licht) 
18:15 – 19:15 GOLD HALL
September 5th, 2015
8:00 - 8:50 Master class 4 

Chairs: K. Goffin & M. Lilien

GFR estimation and measurement
GFR estimation
A.Bokenkamp(Amsterdam,The Netherlands)

GFR measurement 
H. Pottel (Kortrijk, Belgium)

Master class 5

Chairs: K. Claes & G. Ariceta

How complement system works ? 
B. van den Heuvel (Nijmegen, The Netherlands & Leuven, Belgium)

Complement related kidney damage
O. Soylemezoglu (Ankara, Turkey)

Master class 6

Chairs: N. Godefroid & A. Sarkissian

Basic renal pathology
J. Weening (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

9:00 - 9:45 GOLD HALL

State of the art lecture 2

Chair: P. Cochat

Individualized immunosuppression: myth or reality?   
D. Kuypers (Leuven, Belgium)

09:50 - 11:20

Symposium 7: Joint Session ESPU & ESPN 

Chairs: D. Stefanidis & E. Merlini

Renal stone disease

Nephrological aspects    
K.P. Schlingmann (Muenster, Germany)

Urological aspects
S. Tekgul (Ankara, Turkey)

Antenatal hydronephrosis

Urological aspects
G. Manzoni (Milan, Italy)

Diagnostic aspects
A. Piepsz (Brussels, Belgium)

Congenital  Life-long  Urology working group   
P. Hoebeke (Ghent, Belgium)

Symposium 8:  World-wide view on nephrotic syndrome (Nephrotic syndrome working group) 

Chairs: G. Deschenes & J. van Wijk

Pathogenesis of podocyte dysfunction in nephrotic syndrome
M. Saleem (Bristol, United Kingdom)

Immunology of nephrotic syndrome
M. Vivarelli (Rome, Italy)

Genetic testing in nephrotic syndrome: who, when, how? 
O. Boyer
(Paris, France)

3 relevant abstracts

484 (G. Dorval)
811 (A. Trautmann)
374 (A. Trautmann)

Symposium 9: Transplantation working group

Chairs: B. Toenshoff & M. Kaabak

Detection and clinical relevance of donor specific antibodies in renal transplantation. 
F. Claas ( Leiden, The Netherlands)

Renal transplantation in the highly sensitized child
L. Dello Strologo (Rome, Italy)

Issues of HLA and size in paediatric kidney transplant recipients
B. Toenshoff
(Heidelberg, Germany)

2 relevant abstracts

170 (S. Dufek)
91 (J. Stojanovic)
11:20-11:40 COFFEE BREAK
11:40 - 13:15

Pediatric Nephrology Journal Club 
Top cites 2013-2014

Chairs: L. Rees & F. Emma

Why and how to read Pediatric Nephrology?
F. Emma  (Rome, Italy)

Ciliopathies: an expanding disease spectrum
A. Waters (London, United Kingdom)

Advances in our understanding of the pathogensis of glomerular thrombotic microangiopathy
R. Coward (Bristol, United Kingdom)

Etiology and outcome of acute kidney injury in children
A.Duzova (Ankara, Turkey)

Rituximab in refractory nephrotic syndrome
A. Prytula (Ghent, Belgium)

Prophylactic eculizumab prior to kidney transplantation for atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome 
M. Weitz (Tuebingen, Germany)

How to get your paper published in Pediatric Nephrology
L. Rees (London,United Kingdom)

Mini-Lecture & Oral communications 4: Nephrotic syndrome 

Chairs: T. Ulinski & F. Schaefer

Pathophysiology and treatment of nephrotic     syndrome-associated thromboembolic disease     
W. Smoyer (Ohio, USA)

6 abstracts

30 (B. Eneman) 
671 (C. May)
568 (R. F. Andersen)
452 (R. F. Andersen)
135 (J. Mc Caffrey) 
184 (M. Sato)

Mini-Lecture & Oral communications 5: Transplantation and Chronic Kidney Disease

Chairs: G. Reusz & F. Kaskel

Vaccination in the immunosuppressed child
W. Vandermeulen (Leuven, Belgium)

6 abstracts

445 (L. Tjaden) 
567 (A. Melk) 
202 (T. Seeman) 
138 (M. Marlais) 
42 (L. Pape) 
263 (L. Plumb) 
13:15 - 14:30 LUNCH
13:15 - 14:15  Industry sponsored symposium 6   Industry sponsored symposium 7
14:30 - 16:15

Symposium 10: CKD-MBD working group

Bone disorders in CKD

Chairs: D. Haffner & S. Bakkaloglu

Breaking news on pathophysiology of CKD-MBD
I. Salusky (Los Angeles, USA)

Is cardiovascular disease in CKD-MBD preventable
R. Shroff (London, United Kingdom) 

Optimizing disproportionate growth in children with CKD
M. Zivicnjak (Hannover, Germany)

Immune, metabolic and epidemiological aspects of vitamin D in chronic kidney disease
J. Bacchetta
(Lyon, France)

1 relevant abstract

156 (M. Leifheit-Nestler)

Symposium 11: Inherited renal disorders 

News from renal tubules 

Chairs: N. Soliman & R. Vargas-Poussou

Renal Fanconi syndromes: proximal look at the nephron
D. Bockenhauer (London, United Kingdom)

Diagnostic and genetic approach to nephrocalcinosis
M. Konrad (Muenster, Germany)

Clinical and genetic diversity of Bartter syndrome
M. Komhoff
(Groningen, The Netherlands)

2 relevant abstracts 

704 (K. Schhlingman)
106 (D. Erbe)

Mini lecture & oral communications 6: Clinical trials  & Clinical cases of the year

Chairs: N. Webb & N. Knops

W. Van Biesem
Will Evidence Based Medicine save the life of our patient?

7 abstracts

324 (P. Brandstrom) 
87 (J. Nordenstrom) 
831 (M. Bouvry) 
759 (H. Jayaweera) 
453 (L. Rees) 
668 (C. Pecoraro) 
496 (S. Negrisolo) 
16:30 - 18:00 Plenary Symposium: Should we always dialyze and transplant mentally disabled patients?  
Panel: A. Edefonti (Milan, Italy), L. Willem (Leuven, Belgium), P. Cochat (Lyon, France) , E. Verrina (Genova, Italy ), J. Groothoff (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), C.Van Geet (Leuven, Belgium), E. Levtchenko (Leuven, Belgium)

Closing remarks
J. Vande Walle (Ghent, Belgium)


Program tracks:
General interest
CKD, renal replacement therapy, dialysis, transplantation, hypertension, HUS
Conservative nephrology, genetics, pathophysiology, nephrotic syndrome, immune mediated disorders
Bladder dysfunction, UTI, paediatric urology
Oral communications


September 3

11:00-13:00        Working Group members Meeting Dialysis

Chair: A. Edefonti

September 4

07:15-08:30        ESPN/ERA-EDTA Registry Committee Meeting

13:00-16:00        E-Rare project meeting

Chair: F. Emma


September 5

08:00-09:00        ESPN CME Group Meeting  

09:00-10:00        ESPN 2nd Council Meeting

11:20-12:20        ERA-EDTA Registry Meeting